While most consumers know when you buy something it’s likely to be outmoded within 6 months to a…
Daniel Evans

I see what you’re getting at. My continual issue with peoples’ repeated complaints about Apple, that they release something that is “lagging,” Is that it disregards that Apple has historically done this and has almost never released something before it’s time. They are willing to “lag” what the technorati would say needs to be the current standard without having the full perspective on just how much of the primary user base is still catching up on things that were introduced 1/2/3 OS or hardware releases prior. I can’t count the number of times I sit with somebody, go through their device with them, and point out at least a dozen features about which they had no awareness.

So, it would seem to me that there are a lot of people out there, and I’m not saying you’re one, that think they know a lot because they read a David Pogue review or an Arstechnica review, et al — as those have become mainstream content, debated as much if not more so than sports — leaving behind the context that these people who are writing, often, come from a place of significantly more knowledge than the hoi polloi, and then start to regurgitate things that are rooted in the dissatisfaction of the small, yet vocal minority. Yet, I don’t ever see articles that serve up where they think the puck is to which Apple should be skating. I’m certainly not well-versed enough to be any kind of just definitive authority on what else they could’ve released, but it feels like these guys won’t be happy until the device has a replicator or transporter built into it. 😊