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WARNING: If you are aware of an imminent threat to the President of the United States, or any other official, please contact the U.S. Secret Service at 202–406–8800

Secret Service Agents rush Trump off stage during the 2016 campaign over assassination fears.

This is the definitive archive for threats of violence, calls for assassination, and insinuations of the such from people across social media and other news mediums pertaining to President Donald Trump and/or his Republican colleagues in government.

Threatening the President of the United States is a class E felony under United States Code Title 18, Section 871. It consists of knowingly and willfully mailing or otherwise making “any threat to take the life of, to kidnap, or to inflict bodily harm upon the President of the United States”.

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This archive is organized by sections, to include:

Michael Sandford attempted to take a cops gun at a Trump rally to kill Donald Trump

Threats against President Trump from celebrities with large followings:

Among the most troubesome social media threats, and insinuations of violence against President Trump are those from the media, celebrities and others with large audiences.

While they are “protected” by “freedom of the press” and can say their words are “art”, etc., the message they send is unambiguous and and leads to an increasingly volitile environment where it’s only a matter a time until one of their “followers” or “fans” pull the trigger for them.

Yes, they will have deniable plausibility to fall back on, but their words and “suggestions” will leave them complicit in the fullest.

The equivalent of Bill O’Reilly calling for Barack Obama’s assassination. MSNBC
Johnny Depp threatens assassination
India Knight is clearly keeping a close eye on the news waiting for Trump to be taken down.
@MaycieThornton & @KariKoeppel from BuzzFeed are keeping their fingers crossed that someone will take the President’s life via assassination.
Kathy Griffin with the blunder of the century. Showing an ISIS style beheading, but of the US President.
WWE, NFL, FIFA and sports music producer, Clement Marfo, wants Trump to be murdered.
Snoop Dogg assassinated Donald Trump in his music video
Aspiring author, Monisha Rajesh flat out calls for someone to assassinate Trump…doesn’t want to do it herself.
Charlie Sheen begs for Trump to be the next to die.
Knoxville, TN school board member, Mike Helle, wants Trump assassinated at Ford’s Theater where Lincoln died.
Madonna says she’s “thought about blowing up the White House” days after Trump is inaugurated.
Madonna doubles down after the Secret Services contacts her about her “blowing up the White House” remarks.
Sir David Attenborough of the BBC Newsnight says “we could shoot Trump” to fix the problem
Adam Pally of Fox’s “Making History” said he’d like to time travel to kill Trump…or love him more.
Courtesy of Reddit: Matt Harrigan, former CIA agent and CEO of PacketSled goes into eerie detail on how he will assassinate Trump.
GQ correspondent hypothesizing Trump’s assassination. Rupert Myers
Lauren Duca , award-winning freelance journalist joking about Trump dying in a plane crash
Author @DaftLimmy is looking forward to Trump’s assassination.
@JonathanChait from “New York Magazine” offers money for someone to kill President Trump.
Rapper Big Sean wraps about murdering Trump in his latest lyrics.

Threats against President Trump where the word “assassinate”, “kill”, or “shot” is used:

What most see as “typical posts” in this partisan day of social media we live in, others see clear warning signs, like the one below from the Alexandria, VA shooter, James Hodgkinson on 6/14/17.

Facebook post from James Hodgkinson who attempted to assassinate GOP Congressmen on 6/14/17
Someone with the Twitter handle @KillTrump got pretty specific about taking Trump out.
@Drugcaat seems pretty serious about assassinating Trump
@KababPapi volunteers to be a hit man, for free.
Cal State Professor, Lars Maischak, is perpetually on social media advocating for the assassination of Trump. He’s part of #Resistence.
Greg on Twitter hopes a good shot takes aim at Trump.
Kalen Rahim knows how to kill Trump. Call local gangsters.
Christine Weston Chandler on Facebook wants Trump to die via a sniper round.
Karelyn is pretty direct when saying she(?) will be the one to kill Trump
@allieschuler would take the shot if given the opportunity
@LandOfGrimesWulf offers a substanial sum to kil the president. Tells people to DM him.
Tiana McHenry wants Trump’s family to die, along with Trump.
Tracy Pickerill offers to set up a crowd-funding defense for anyone who assassinates Trump.
Del is down to kill Trump as long as she (?) has an accomplice.
The irony of this guy being anti #2A & wanting to use one to assassinate the President……
Erin Timmerberg and her “Bernie Bros” friend wish death on Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz & Donald Trump
Dhabya mixes no words with this tweet
Heather on Twitter rationalizes Trump’s assassination — image credit Truthfeed.com
@majorleaguenugt suggests killing Trump at the White House.
Fox Emerson ponders why it’s taking so long for someone to assassinate the elected President of the United States.
@Lesliiee24 wants someone to “pony up”.
Magnatone CEO, Ted Kornblum, calms the masses by ensuring Trump will quickly be assassinated.
@DeathSmells amply opines about death Trump’s assassination
This guy was calling for Trump to be assassinated all the way back in 2015. He was ahead of the curve.
James Bryant says it should have been Trump who got shot, not Steve Scalise.
John Silva gets pretty graphic is his threats of killing both the VP and President
Same guy, John Silva, looks pretty serious, and obsessed, with killing Trump. Note the sniper rifle in the profile pic.
Kai on Twitter asking who will assassinate Trump? He wants someone else to do it.
@LarsMaischak urges for Trump’s quick death.
Screenshot from Truthfeed.com reporting showing regular Twitter users calling for Trump’s assassination
2nd Truthfeed.com screenshot with more examples calling for assassination.
Multiple people calling for Trump to be assassinated after Trump’s election victory.
Anthony Peter Senecal on Facebook explains why Trump should have already been killed by his own military
@NarryMercury was an early adopter of wanting to kill Trump. Said so way back in 2015.
@mattybeach has a simple solution. Have ISIS kill Trump.
Someone’s mom wants to take out Trump.
YoungLionKing7 calls for assassination using emojis.
Then the same guy goes one step further and says he wants martyrdom.
As seen on the “Black People Twitter” Reddit page.

Threats against President Trump insinuating the use of violence

This group of post, and people, don’t come out and directly say to assassinate President Trump, they just imply doing so. A much more twisted and indirect way of dog whistling to those unstable enough to do so.

@JesseBenn and the The Huffington Post call for violence against Trump from their subscription base
Jeffrey Guterman , a mental health expert, puts a tweet out saying Trump must be removed doing “whatever it takes”, clearly speaking to his patient base to do something irrational but to where he’d have plausible deniability.
Jake Tapper Retweeted this chart insinuating assassination, then deleted it. Replies to him remain in the thread.
@BartHubbuch , writer for the @NewYorkPost ininuates Trump’s inauguration day should be a day of catastrophic death.
Fareed Zakaria of CNN urges people to go see rendition of Julius Caesar play where Trump is assassinated.
Common response in Trump’s twitter feed.
Jadonna Sanders wished President Reagan’s attempted assassin was still available to take Trumps life.
Matt Mower rationalizes the assassin as someone with impeccable moral character.
Ken Jennings of Jeopardy fame threatens Trump’s son, Don Jr. Hides behind an analogy to Don Jr.’s hunting trips.
whoopi wears a graphic tee depicting Trumps death
@GiaGal implies that Trump taking a bullet would make the country better.

Threats against other GOP officials

It’s not just President Trump that is facing routine and sinister death threats in this enviornment, it’s also his wife, 11 year old son, family, and fellow GOP lawmakers who seem to be in imminent danger, as demonstrated earlier this week with the shooting of Congressman Steve Scalise.

Democrat Party Official, Phil Montag, captured on audio saying he wished Scalise would have died.
Seth Rogan makes fun of Tony Foreman, a bodyguard for conservative personalities, who is in critical condition after being stabbed NINE times
@Don_King_Trader wants ISIS to kidnap & behead Melania Trump
Little Bow Wow threatens to kidnap the First Lady, pimp her and make her “work for him”.
Rob Thompson on Facebook urges the next attacker to use a bomb.
From the Facebook group “Terminate the Republican Party”. A post-mortem of the failed assassination attempt on Scalise.
This Twitter user advocates assassinating Mike Pence if Trump is impeached.
CNN contributor Reza Aslan makes clear he wasn’t joking when calling for a GOP congressman to be raped.
Repeat Twitter “threatener” Lars Maischak calls for multiple deaths of GOP officials.
New York Times, Vanity Fair & Newsweek journalist expressing wishes of death to those in GOP.
@AndyLassner is an Executive Producer on the “Ellen Show”
DCP Consulting represented professionally online with remarks of justifications for assassination attempt on Scalise.
Malcolm Harris justifies the assassination attempt on Congressman Steve Scalise’s life.
Resu Soumynona express admiration for Congressman Steve Scalise’s would be assassin.
Another Twitter users upset because the assassination attempt on Steve Scalise wasn’t successful and didn’t target more.
Raj Dhillon advocates for a better assassination attempt in the immediate aftermath of the Scalise shooting.
@ericommuner on Twitter praising John Hodgkinson after he shot Congressman Scalise.
@KingOfStatusB wants Jeb Bush , Trump and others assassinated.
VP Pence is told he better get his soul right with Jesus because this Twitter user is going to end his life.
Republican poser Cheri Jacobus wishes KKK would find “Black Women for Trump”.
@KatieMaryRich, a writer for Saturday Night Live, chimes in that she thinks Barron Trump will be a school shooter.

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