Dear Scott.
Alex Jones

Hi Alex

Thank you for your response, it is great to engage.

Roman Circus

I was being very careful in my letter and give out two disclaimers about list not being exhaustive and as an example of interest for a customer group.

You are correct, the Roman Circus is a fantastic facility and was there recently and the entire family and children can enjoy. I am sorry that the context was not clear for my suggestion of a itinerary by customer type.

I am also aware of your work, and you play a vital role in the promotion of the town and long may it continue.

The image and brand presence on-line is not strong, and my utopia is Colchester to become a premium destination. You can only do so we having a strong brand and being consistent.

I am offering this for free for CBC, they can refuse the offer though.

It would be great to meet up some time, as we a lot of mutual acquaintances and have worked with GO4 on a few things and know Pete well.


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