The Post-Trump American Monsoon

The guy had screamed racial slurs at the Middle Eastern family that were his neighbors for the past 12 years. Last year he ran the mother over with his car, putting her in the hospital for weeks. He was in jail but the judge decided to let him out a few months ago before the trial started. Last week he shot one of the sons dead.

For all those years he was not violent but clearly hated this Lebanese family. Many neighbors complained. The family themselves tried every legal avenue available to them to protect themselves, but some Americans aren’t worth the time and effort it takes to protect them. They aren’t worth enough to keep a member of the white race behind bars despite already having attempted the murder his neighbor. The judge said NO, he is a white man and he only hurt a brown person, there is no justifiable reason he should remain locked up. Now a son, a brother, a human, is dead.

What happened in the last 15 months that would make a person elevate from verbal slurs to murder? What could have emboldened him and angered him enough to kill? Who has made racism acceptable and incited violence against Muslims (or people who appear to be Muslims) over the last year? Donald Trump. This is causality. Donald Trump is the cause, young life extinguished is the effect. While he goes on with his totally oblivious and ignorant life, conning people out of their money and lying to all, he leaves in his wake division, hate, anger and ignorance.

Soon he will be easily defeated and have his hairpiece handed to him by Clinton as he goes down in a blaze disgraceful rants and tweets of non-evidenced based accusations of a rigged election while simultaneously crying about how the dishonest media cost him the presidency and all because his own party refused to protect him or help him in the ways he irrationally expected. He’ll claim he would have beaten Hillary by one billion percent to 2 if not for all of these forces that lined up against him, after all, look at the crowds he drew, he will say.

The stench of it all is already starting to permeate the air in his immediate vicinity. It will grow exponentially every week until every American can smell the smell of a prideful ignorance only possible through a lifetime of careful curation, a willful avoidance of, even by accident, consuming a single intellectual calorie and so nourished that that there is no longer a discernible difference between it and evil. Gone he will be, but the stench will linger, along with millions of his most ardent and violent fans. What will happen to them?

The anger and hate will live on inside them but Trump will take with him their fantastical escapes into a nation that never was. The catharsis of a Trump rally, a relatively benign outlet for the Donald Trump Causality Rule, will disappear as fast as the man.

Even worse, he will have to disown the very ideas and words that were having such an effect on these people in an attempt to reestablish his brand and distance it from the angry mob he created. What will these people do in the immediate aftermath of a history-making loss in November? What will they do in the coming year now that they have no place to safely vent. What will they do when their Messiah turns his back on them for profit? Will they turn the rage on different looking neighbors and brown passers-by? Will they become violence personified? Will they find catharsis in the pain of others?

Nobody knows and everyone should be scared. What happened to this Lebanese family last week could very well be the first drop of a possible monsoon coming. For just as Trump cannot control what comes out of his own mouth and the actual cause of his decline, his effect can no more control their anger and violent disposition than they can Make America into something it never was.

This will be Trump’s legacy. He will not be remembered for his imaginary wealth or tall buildings he doesn’t own or as an agent of change in D.C. or disrupter to the establishment that changed the way the country is governed. Division, violence and death will be his brand, which will be worth as much as his word by the time this national embarrassment is over. It’s doubtful he is worried though, he’ll most likely claim it as a loss on this years taxes.

If you’d like to know more about the story of the Lebanese family, you can read it here.