We Will Never Have a Candidate As Good As Hillary Clinton For a Very Long Time

For the past year or so I have been proclaiming my dislike of Hillary Clinton and my complete and total hatred for Donald Trump. One of those two things, I have recently realized, is dishonest, an outright lie to myself and people I have said it to. Not only do I not dislike Hillary Clinton, I am a huge fan of hers. Unlike actresses or talk show hosts we usually reserve this title for, she is a true and real national treasure.

I realized my deception to myself and others just this morning when I read a story published on Medium.com. I’m not sure who wrote it, it’s written in the first person as Hillary were writing it. The article is worth four minutes of your time. The author makes a brilliant point that America seems to have forgotten, because, and this is my theory, America is full of idiots who can read yet choose not to.

The reason I have lied to myself is because it became necessary in order to have at least a chance of having a discussion with someone on the other side of the Clinton divide. Those people have as much hatred for her as I do for FatTrump. FatTrump though, is worth hating. He is a disgusting person with not a single redeeming quality. But I’m willing to have a discussion with anyone about this election and I’ll always listen to other people’s viewpoints while trying to leave my feelings about FatTrump at the door. But if you want to talk to a republican, you need to preface it with “okay, I know Hillary Clinton is awful too,” and then you might get them to listen or at least to shut up long enough to talk. But it’s all bullshit.

I love Hillary Clinton, flaws and all(which are very minor compared to the way they are portrayed). I believe what she has accomplished in her life is awesome, as in it leaves me in awe. The hurdles she has had to overcome and still be standing and almost president is fucking crazy. I know I don’t have that kind of persistence and strength in me. Very few people do. Every time she gets knocked down she gets back up and continues to fight. Whether you believe she fights for personal ambition or to do good for the country, you have to admire the tenacity and intelligence it takes to continually put herself in an improbable position of power. That is who I want as my president. Not some asshole who inherited his wealth and has failed his way to the top through poor decisions and by taking advantage of an electorate the republicans have curated over the last 30 years.

In a group of more than 300 million people, there is naturally going to be a bell curve of intelligence where mediocre, average intelligence is at the top of the bell. On the bottom of the left side of the bell are the brain dead hospital patients being kept alive by machines. They lack even the possibility of even having a single thought. The intelligence level rises from there on an upward trajectory to eventually get to a point of average intelligence, the top of the bell. The people at the bottom of the bell on the other side, or right side of the bell, are your super geniuses. The people who are trying to build artificial intelligence, inventing self-driving cars, the theoretical physicists among us, they are opposite the brain-dead folks and everyone else is in between. If you can’t picture this, just know you are near the bottom of the left side of the bell and there you will forever stay.

FatTrump has gathered the minimally conscious up to the ignorant, never-read-a-book racists among us and got them to vote for him. Since the republicans have shown themselves to be utterly lacking in conviction, morals and principles, they have gotten in line behind FatTrump. That’s not an accomplishment, that’s a disgrace and an affront to all those who lost their lives in war, protecting the freedom that FatTrump blatantly promises he will take away from us.

Hillary Clinton is not only incredibly smart, she has been preparing for this her entire life. She knows more about the issues facing this country and the world than FatTrump knows about cheating and lying. People say that it is impossible for anyone to truly be prepared for this job, well, guess what? That isn’t true anymore. Hillary Clinton is prepared. She will know exactly what to do the minute she steps into the Oval Office. Do you know how I know that. Because she’s fucking been there. She knows decisions have consequences. She knows the world is not black and white. She knows what the word nuance means. Unlike FatTrump who will do or say anything that comes to his barely-existent mind. Imagine what he could do as President, it’s seriously frightening.

There will be no learning curve for Clinton though, which is of vital importance in our world since all hell could break loose at any moment. Compare that to Trump who said he’ll learn things eventually, when he has to. It doesn’t matter if he knows nothing now, he will. Don’t worry. Unfortunately, that’s his answer to everything. when asked by an ordinary citizen two days ago how he is going to fix America, his answer was “By fixing it.” As if the person was stupid for not knowing such an obvious answer. I suppose they were stupid for actually expecting a real answer from FatTrump, as if he has any answers to any question.

I swear to god, If Hillary had a dick, this election would be a complete blowout, there would not be this intense hatred for her/him, there would be no stupid email issue and the country wouldn’t hate her so much without being able to give a legitimate reason why. FatTrump would have pissed himself and gone home by now. But she’s a woman and that is the real reason republicans hate her so much. I’m not even sure if they know it or not, but it is the underlying reason. They don’t like women with power and the most powerful job in the world being done by a woman, are you kidding me?

The fact is, Hillary Clinton is the most vetted presidential nominee in the history of the country. She came to prominence at the same time the internet did, so her time in the national spotlight has all been discussed and argued about on the internet. No one other than Bill Clinton can say that.

The republicans have been trying to stick something on her and her husband for more than 25 years and here they are, a vote away from the White House. If Hillary Clinton had done something wrong or is as bad as the republicans say she is, there’s no way it wouldn’t have been discovered by now. Her whole life is documented in a forest worth of paper and by an incomprehensible amount of computer memory. There is nothing there but an intelligent woman ready for the job. Sorry republicans. Maybe it’s time you come up with ideas that will help the country instead of trying to bring down the boogyman who doesn’t exist.

Voters of the country, don’t assume there are two bad choices for president because it keeps getting repeated. The fact is, Clinton is one of the greatest candidates we’ve ever had and in a rational world would be beating FatTrump 100–0 in the polls right now. But we live in a bell curve world. Don’t let the stupid side of the bell win, vote for Hillary, She is the best.