The Great Switcharoo

  • Demand will, and is already organically rising because the project is heading in the right direction — super developers with a very intelligent and thoughtful community. We have seen the developers and community (even some of the best minds in defi) really get behind the project since it’s inception and there is no reason to suggest that is going to stop any time soon. In fact, after the pjar error — which arose because the devs were enacting PIP-8(the Pickle Improvement Proposal which will enable pickles to become fee magnets) and neglected to call a specific migration function before changing the strategies — it has strengthened the Great Connection between community and developers even more!
  • Audits are being done as we speak, after which pickles will seem like a far more trustworthy option for farmers and interest hunters — so I assume that TVL will rise enough to make pickles a very vibrant place to be over the coming weeks. Moreover, audits allow to feature on very popular defi websites with real market capitalization etc.
  • I am pretty much assuming that pickles will head in the right direction without any major hiccups between now and the Great Switcharoo.
  • Rewards halve to roughly 0.7% interest a day on Friday, and then down to as little as 0.35% the following Friday, and then dropping every Friday after that by 10% which means that each of us is probably best served unpooling and investing the ether into pickles to increase our pool size more than it likely would increase within the next few weeks by being a liquidity provider — even likely surge to somewhere back to 55 dollars would net you more pickles if you were to pool again (so even if you forget about the bullish sentiment and pickles becoming a fully fledged fee paying governance token this is actually the smart option at this point, assuming you believe in thee project)
  • The truth is that at this point it will probably take years to actually farm enough pickles to double your liquidity pool pickle stack (and that is without bringing impermanent loss into the equation), and the likelihood that pickle will outperform ether (at least in the short term).
  • Pickles will be a fee magnet within the next two days, sure, the fees at first may be low but I am willing to bet there are other crazy buggers out there who are already dreaming of pickles becoming the hedge fund of the future — these individuals want the risk because the reward is so good, again, with the assumptions above. I know individuals don’t like the following comparison but I am assuming again that pickle will continue on the same trajectory it has been on for the last few weeks in terms of developing and community strength.
  • Trustworthy and hard working developers who are by my guess serious ethereum developers who are remaining anonymous so that they can build on top of ethereum
  • A mature and knowledgeable community who are united in their efforts to see succeed
  • Auditing which opens the doors to exchanges, websites and more risk-averse investors into pjars and even pickle itself
  • Increased incentive to try and profit off pickles as an asset, rather than just as a farming tool because interest rates are decreasing weekly while we still have volatility as a small market cap in a market which will continue to grow (DeFi)
  • The reality that could genuinely become a profitable DAO with all surplus fees paid to pickle stakers




That guy from discord

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That guy from discord

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