Scout Version 3.0

We at Scout just want to start by thanking you for trusting us, and for using us as a tool for your business. We know running a business is an intimate thing, and allowing us to be part of your story makes us feel really good about what we do…so thank you. This update is for you.

New Scout skills

Alerts about your abandoned checkouts are great to convert new customers, but what about turning old customers into repeat buyers? This Scout update is a major milestone in our journey to grow your store’s profitability.

In addition to the 🛒 Abandoned Checkout alerts, we’ve added four new events, which you can enable, disable, or configure through the Scout App in your Shopify Apps admin panel:

🎊 Recurring Customer Alerts (real-time)

🏆 VIP Customer Alerts (real-time)

⏲️ Follow Up Alert (9am)

🌱 New Customer Alert (9am)

The reason for these new alerts has come from analyzing successful online stores and their customer experience strategies. It’s been proven that average customers turn into “VIP” customers when businesses develop a personal relationship with them. We’ve learned when stores do this they retain more customers, drive more word-of-mouth, and achieve higher profitability. We aim to make Scout your customer relationship assistant.

More Control

Two of the major complaints we would get from online stores were with regards to the frequency of the alerts, and the lack of control over the default messages. We’ve addressed both of these issues through the Scout Admin page via your Shopify App menu.

  • Configuring alert filters

All the alert types (except the follow-up and recurring alert) can be configured with a order value filter. This way, in the event your business gets too many abandons you can edit the minimum from $0, to $100. This way, Scout will only message you if the abandoned checkout is above $100, making sure to only bother you about it, if it’s worth your time.

For recurring customer alerts, you can filter the alert by number of repurchases. By setting this number to 3, for example, Scout will only alert you about a customer who has placed at least 3 different orders.

For follow-up customers, you can tell Scout to alert you about customers who placed an order a certain number of days ago. For example, if you sell supplements and you know the customer will need a re-fill after 60 days, tell Scout to remind you after 60 days so you can send a quick, thoughtful, follow-up that makes your customer feel looked after.

  • Turn off any alerts you don’t want

If any of the 5 types of alerts don’t appeal to you, you can disable them whenever you wish, and re-enable when you’re back in the zone.

  • Editing message templates

All messages can be edited and saved. Since we’ve added new alerts, Scout’s recommended actions needed to be upgraded too. You wouldn’t message a “VIP” customer the same way you would an abandoned checkout customer. We also know each business is different and would like to use different contact channels differently. Don’t worry, these messages are not set in stone, and you will always have the ability to make final edits before clicking “send.”

  • Adding Checkout URLs

Abandoned checkout recovery messages can now include the link to the customer’s cart to make it easy for your customers to access their checkout.

New Persistent Menu

You will have also noted a new persistent menu at the bottom of your Scout chat. The new menu options are: Customer Lists, Resources, and Settings. If you still see the old menu list, you need to refresh your Messenger cache by following these steps.

Customer Lists

  • All 5 customer categories can now be accessed through the dropdown on the Customer Lists webpage.
  • All customer reach-outs and messages can originate from the list-based webpage as well.


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