Updating the Scout Messenger Shopify App

We’re proud to announce we have updated the Scout Facebook Messenger app with several great new features. In order to get these updates you will need to take the following actions due to limitations we face being hosted through Facebook. Everyone should eventually get the update without taking action, but these actions will give you the update immediately.

Step 1: Delete your existing Facebook Messenger chat

Open your chat client and delete the chat by holding the chat conversation, and selecting “Delete Conversation” on iPhone, or “Delete” on Android.

Tap and hold the chat link with Scout in your Messenger chat list to access the “Delete” option

Messenger may also ask you if you’re sure you want to delete the chat; it’s true that you will lose your existing chat history when you do this. However, with the new update, we have created lists which will still allow you to access all previous customer alerts through a list view from the new Persistent Menu.

Step 2: Find “Scout — Customer Relationship Automation” in your Messenger search

Tap the search bar at the top of your Messenger app to look for “Scout — Customer Relationships Automation”

Search for “Scout — Customer Relationship Automation”

Once you locate it (it should show as the top result under the “Business” category as long as you’ve typed correctly) tap the account…

Step 3: Click “Get Started”

Once the chat business profile page shows, click on the “Get Started” button at the bottom of the screen to initiate the Scout chat and re-add Scout in your Messenger chat list. If you don’t see a “Get Started” button, just go to the previous screen and try again, sometimes Facebook fails to show the button on first attempt.

Tap “Get Started” to access the updated Scout app

Scout won’t message you back right away, but you’ll know the upgrade is there when you see the new Persistent Menu at the bottom of your chat screen like so...

Scout will still work as intended, giving you new alerts as they come in.

Keep in mind we’ve also updated the web-based Scout App Admin in your Shopify App list, so please use this page to edit your team members, configure alert settings, as well as unsubscribe/subscribe.