Scrawlrs’ 10 Favorite Pop Releases of 2015!

The year 2015 did not disappoint in bringing in the most amazing music we’ve heard in a while both internationally and in the Philippines. With a little help from the influx of music streaming services, enjoying these ear-gasmic sounds have never been easier. So before the year ends, in only just a few hours, I’ll take you through ten of my favorite pop releases over the last 365 days!

10. The Great Unknown by Sarah Geronimo

The Pop Star Princess sure do know how to end the year right by releasing a new album following on the music stylings of her previous album, Perfectly Imperfect. Her music has definitely evolved over the years, but I felt this was a step down compared to her previous release. It’s not to say the album was not great. It is. And it is a wonderful step forward in how the original Filipino music is shaping up in the future.

9. Pentatonix by Pentatonix

Our favorite acapella group is back with an eponymous album, now featuring more original songs (hurray!) than ever before, with a few slices of unique covers we always love. With Can’t Sleep Love leading off the album, we know we are off to a great start.

8. Reflection by Fifth Harmony

Just when you thought the days of the girl groups like Destiny’s Child and Pussycat Dolls is a thing of the distant past, X-Factor USA act Fifth Harmony comes along. Their first EP wasn’t as successful as it deserved to be, but these girls cannot be stopped. With Reflection, they bring out their sass glass on and their fierceness out. But it’s always been their spot-on vocals that set them apart.

7. Handwritten by Shawn Mendes

True to its album title, Shawn’s debut studio album magnificently represents his songwriter capabilities. From the first track to the last, you’ll feel the paper where he wrote the songs, how the pen scratched the surface and produced heartfelt lyrics.

6. 25 by Adele

After several years of hiatus, the queen is back! Adele re-enters the music scene like a gigantic tidal wave crushing down all the releases on its path. Jumping straight to number one and never letting go, Hello is the biggest hit of 2015, setting records after records the minute it came out. It’s crazy, but nonetheless very agreeable. Adele’s vocals is phenomenal. And that is front and center in this musical spectacle.

5. Forever — EP by Julie Anne San Jose

One of the most game-changing releases in the Philippines, Julie Anne San Jose once again proves how versatile her vocals is. From the pure pop Tidal Wave to the R&B roots of Forever. Hell, she even went almost hip-hop with Not Impressed. Most of the times, multi-genre albums are a miss. But she pulls this off exceptionally well and the result is an astonishing collection of sounds.

4. The Original High by Adam Lambert

Adam Lambert promised a more intimate third album and he definitely delivered! This is the best he’s ever sounded, and that’s saying a lot as he has always sounded amazing. His vocals have always been front and center. But married with his most organic lyrics ever, sick beats and addicting hooks, it’s hard not to take a second listen and enjoy it just as much.

3. Purpose by Justin Bieber

Bieber has had a rough year heading into 2015. We won’t go into full detail about that, but like he said, it’s not too late now to say sorry. And what do you know? The world accepted his apology. With electronic dance folk sounds driving his album, the people has finally let go of his “Baby” days and embraced the mature sound he’s offering right now. Love, love, love Justin Bieber’s new sound. That’s a sentence I never thought I’d say. But here I am.

2. Unbreakable Smile by Tori Kelly

The breakout female artist has arrived and the world is finally taking notice. Thanks to her jaw-dropping live performances in countless awards shows and live events, she made sure people will never ever forget the name Tori Kelly. And they never will. The album introduces us to her wonderful vocals, and I’m sure as the water is wet that you’ll fall in love with it as you fall in love with every lyric she sings. Brilliant words + amazing vocals = golden album!


The day BLUE NEIGHBOURHOOD came out is the day my life changed completely. Troye Sivan came out of nowhere (that is most definitely metaphorical as he is immensely popular on YouTube, but you know what I mean), and produced an album so amazing, I’ve listened to it everyday since it came out and never got tired of it. The magic of it, I think, is how seamless it travels through different emotions of each song, with lyrics so captivating, it latches itself onto you and stays there. Every twist and turn becomes instantly familiar, you will want to replay it over and over again. Trust me, I have. Until this very moment, I’m listening to my absolute favorite from the album, for him. It’s nostalgic, and at the same time so futuristic. I’m left wanting more.

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