Announcing the All-New Game of Blocks

A decentralized game of conquest, designed for the crypto community.

Our Story

How It Works

How To Win

Starting your Adventure


1. The Game begins

2. Acquire unique land that is yours alone

3. They will know your name

4. Hold!

5. What is the Community Chest ?

6. Leaderboard and Statistics

GoB History and Roadmap

January 2018 — Twitter Account Creation

8 February 2018 — Public Announcement

12 March 2018 — Beta Opening

April 2018 — The First Smart Contract

August & September 2021 — New Version and Giveaway Event

End of 2021 — Screenshot Future Plans

Business Model


Entrepreneurs, Engineers, Designers and Gamers | Studio behind @game_of_blocks | Play-to-Earn Game Coming Soon made by genius people from LoL and One Piece…