70–200mm Lens: Overrated or Best to Have?
Alex Schult

“70–200mm Lens: Overrated or Best to Have?”

In some cases they could be much better than a 600mm with a 2x converter. I was taking photos of commercial jets taking off a year or so back and was suddently surrounded by armed Police in Jeeps and a Military helicopter began hovering directly overhead. My 600mm with converter was mounted on a very sturdy tripod and they thought I might have equipment to shoot down a plan. I was in shade and facing a very brightly lit airport. Me, being stroppy, ignored orders to “Drop the weapon” and continued taking photographs while yelling “It’s a Bloody camera you idiots!” I had been waiting a long time for the right shot of the right aircraft and wasn’t going to cave. Was NOT a fun afternoon. Was funny in retrospect. They searched my house with me mocking, photographing, and laughing at them the whole time. (That was only done as payback for ignoring their orders.)

My “ready-kit” has a 50mm 1.2 Prime, an 85mm 1.4 Prime, a 20mm 1.2 prime a 20–70mm 1.8, 1 75–210 2.8 and 105–300 4. Don’t go anywhere without them.

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