True. But without a goal, how will you know you’ve written enough to mine the deeper depths of your…
Blake Powell

“ And of course you get smarter by reading more. Whoever said otherwise?”

Anyone who has a true grasp of psychology. Being smart is displaying you IQ, not increasing it. You are born with a certain IQ, it does not vary any more than your eye colour or height. What you do is become more knowledgeable, more experienced, more skilled. No one has their IQ has increase as a result of reading books, though many less than erudite people suggest that it can.

As for Zig Ziglar’s claim (if you have quoted him accurately) that motivation only comes after completion, that is disingenuous nonsense. If unmotivated, no one would do the work.

BTW, good chefs do not simply follow a recipe, otherwise anyone who can read could match the top chefs.

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