Reverend, do you enjoy “snowflake” because it distinguishes itself from “trigger” and “woke” by…

“Do you feel it is your job to chastise others for word choices which displease you and then instruct them on the proper way to lead lives you know little about?”

Do YOU feel that I cannot express an opinion unless it meets the approval of snowflakes?

There is a degree of hypocrisy in play here. If I am “triggered” by abuse and misuse of language — that doesn’t count? Misuse of language is a huge bone of contention for me.

I have never yet seen any article using the word triggered where I can’t see a better way of expressing the writer’s opinion.

BTW, I made NO SUGGESTION regarding “the proper way to lead lives”, just on the proper way to use words. I expected better from you, I like most of your posts. I’m surprised that you distorted what I said into something neither thought, intended or expressed.