The Straight Men Who Want Nothing to Do With Women
C. Brian Smith

“ (“Even if a man has only three lovers in his entire life, he is getting more than his own grandfather — who had to marry her first.”)”

You seem big on opinion, but not so big on research. In many countries, the highest illegitimate birthrate recorded was during WW1. Many men going off to battle - with the possibility of not coming back - were offered physical intimacy.

When men returned from the war, they sought to reclaim their rightful place on cheering squads…

I suppose you or some other girlophobic pretend man can point to some of the autobiographical, or social commentaries written by prominent men — such as those you have used in example — where they bemoan not being able to don the Pom Poms. Or maybe not. Do you suggest that all the photographs I have seen of cheerleaders taken during the Flapper era are fakes. Google for it, there are thousands of photos of girl cheerleaders taken in the ’20s & ’30s — well before the war could be blamed.

All MGTOW supporters are sad little delusional men. It was MEN who preferred seeing a pretty girl cheering, and men who initiated the change in gender. Nothing to do with “evil” women usurping “Men’s rights” as men’s backs were turned whilst fighting a war.

“Feminists have been doing what MGTOW is doing for a long time: saying that marriage is a bad deal and they’re going to pass on it…”

Really? Then where are all these bitter old never married Feminists now? There should be hordes of them in every community. I have yet to find them. Have you hidden them? Have you got them locked up in a REALLY big cellar somewhere?

“ [Rape] ends in just a few minutes with little-to-no harm caused to the victim. Meanwhile, false accusations of rape have a long-term and much more devastating impact on the victim.”

Tell me something, I am really curious. Let’s say you were out walking, minding your own business, when attacked, held down and anally raped (many female rape victims suffer this) by a group of drunken men. Then those men were arrested and it all went to court. Would living firstly with the physical aspects of the rape, then the awareness that for the rest of your life you would be known as “that guy who took it up the ass” be something you could brush off as having caused you “little harm”? An answer in either the affirmative or negative will show you as a delusional idiot.

This nonsense would be comical if it wasn’t so pathetic.

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