“ Humans can only focus on one thing at a time. So why are we spending money to display multiple things simultaneously?’

Rev. Fred Denial


Why does a car or a plane have multiple dials, displays? Why not have one and switch between them?

Because even if not focused on an adjacent display, you immediately notice change. Often that can be important. Maybe nature made a mistake when it provided women with two boobs? Would one suffice since both guys and babies can — according to you, only focus on one?

You might only be able to focus on one thing at a time, but many people, myself included, can focus on several. For instance, I can (and often do) play chess while preparing a meal. I can trim a sail whilst holding a specific bearing. I often read and hold a conversation. Right now I am editing a long, boring and very badly written report from a mining engineer. I have the report being read to me by Dragon Dictate. Writing a response here does not cause me to miss an error.

Of course, I am straddling both worlds, I use three high definition large screen displays. Several news feeds open on one, work being read and edited on another, and several windows open on Medium, Twitter, and a couple of chess games. Oh, and my system is playing rock, jazz and blues. Listening to Patricia Kass and Dina Krall at the moment.

Nothing wrong with multiple points of focus.

It just occurred to me. My Grandfather used to watch one cricket game on TV, and listen to another on his radio. He knew exactly what was happening in each game at all times. I wonder how many screens he would have used if alive in the Digital world of today.

    Rev. Fred Denial

    Written by

    Curmudgeon at large. A Baby Boomer vintage Editor & Writer. Three Decades in journalism & publishing. I’m often blunt — I neither aspire to, nor appreciate PC.

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