Why the 4’’ iPhone SE Will Revolutionize Photography

I doubt that any fixed lens camera/device with a minuscule sensor will revolutionise photography. It might appeal to the millions of non-photographers who love selfies and photographing everything that goes into their mouths — but they are no more photographers than people who order take out/away food are chefs. You need high quality lenses, and sensors not just with a high pixel count but that are large enough to capture a lot of light.

How can you equal a good DSLR with a fast lens that can capture sharp colour images in low light, or stop high speed action at a great distance? A good DSLR/lens combination can produce quality colour images in a large room lit with just one candle. No smartphone camera will ever do that.

“ We are indoctrinated into thinking that “bokeh” is desirable in our photos.”

Not true. Bokeh definitely has a place, but it is hardly desirable in all photos.

“ We are suckered into thinking we “need” full-frame. We think that somehow sharpness and image-quality results in a more emotional, aesthetically-pleasing, and personally-meaningful image.”

It does. No “suckering” involved. A photographer who cannot produce good image quality is not a photographer. Such people are merely wannabes. Try shooting a wedding, a race, a sports event, a concert, animals in the wild with a smartphone and see how many of those images you can sell.

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