How Much I Actually Spend On Avocado Toast
kelly catchpole

I have been eating Avocados on bread, toast, crackers, for decades. Long before it became a “thing”. I switched from butter to Avocado while in my twenties. I buy Avocados by the crate when our own supply is exhausted ( I have several Avocado trees) — it equates to about 25¢ each.

However, I do agree that many younger people live far more extravagant lifestyles than my generation in our “pre-established” days. Credit Card use was uncommon when I was young. The only things on time payment were a car or a house. All else was saved and paid for. Restaurant meals were for special occasions, nightclubs or discos were occasional, not weekly. A night out was the drive in, a beach party, or a bowling alley. Not expensive. Clothing was primarily practical, not a fashion statement. Girls permed and coloured their own hair — and nail salons were unheard of.

Mill-any/alls love to whine about how easy it was for us Baby Boomers, but they have no real clues as to the reality of baby Boomer life and lifestyle. We worked and saved for what we got.

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