Don’t throw sand over my eyes. On the burkini ban and European cruelty
Flavia Dzodan

Ignoring for the moment your wild segue into unassociated refugee issues, the most common theme among those supporting the ban is that it is enacted in the same spirit as banning the display of a Swastika in public. Islam is a sickness that many previously tolerant people are no longer prepared to tolerate. Too many horrific headlines are turning the tide.

I know that all Muslims, even most Muslims are not violent, but almost all of them refuse to condemn the teaching in the Qur’an that supports violent acts against non-Muslims. While Muslims give tacit support to discrimination, violence, misogyny, homophobia, and agitate for Sharia, they can expect little support from their host nations. Christians stopped taking the Bible literally and introduced secular law, if Muslims want acceptance, they need to do the same thing. Islam is facing crunch time — they have worn out their welcome. The numbers of caring people who have been supporting them are dwindling. The countries who have opened their doors to them are facing massive political unrest. One by one, far right wing politicians will replace those who opened those doors. Once that happens, watch your fingers as the doors slam shut.

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