Hello Fred.

I am not positive as to whether I have responded to any of your posts or not, though I thought that I had. I’m not taking a dig at you, I’m taking a huge swipe at mythical Gods.

Look at some headlines. How many days go past without some horrendous description of an atrocity committed in the name of the God of Abraham?

For two thousand years the God of Abraham had been central to unmeasurable suffering, misogyny, homophobia, torture and hardship. The God of Abraham is followed by Jews, Christians and Muslims. The Bible was written by men, not Gods, bigoted, manipulative, angry men. Ignoring God myths would be akin to ignoring cancer, plague, famine. You cannot ignore the source of so much INDISPUTABLE evil. Well, at least I cannot. I will not ignore (scroll past?) religious myth, child abuse, spousal abuse, misogyny or racism.

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