Pay me to live in a room, alone
Shirley Lee 🍟

Last year there were a series of ads in local (Australian) media looking for someone to live in a remote Island Lighthouse in the Tasman sea. It has all of your requested features and a few more. For books you could take an eReader. (I have four thousand on mine.) It required some small duties and responsibilities, though most was automated. It was for a one or two year period. A Helicopter made monthly visits — unless a distress call was made.

I lived for eleven years on a ketch and wrote my first seven novels there. I enjoy solitude. One thing I find essential is music. In those days it was a reel to reel tape recorder, nowadays, an iPod (with a backup) and a couple of Bluetooth sound systems provides that for me. I still work in the salon of our yacht when I need solitude, even though it is alongside our jetty. Peaceful.

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