Me, too! But I did drive to the music store specifically to listen and to buy.
Danna Colman

Maybe to do with location, as I was always in a city or town while working and so had no cause to drive. Even so, the figures claimed are ludicrous. To suggest such a huge saving from eliminating cars driven purely for the purpose of buying music is laughable. All of my children love and buy music, as do the staff in our office. None will drive into the city, pay for parking, and walk to a music store when they can do similar in their lunch break.

In the early ’80s I held a part interest in a music store in Civic in Canberra. I was a journalist attached to the Australian Federal Parliament at the time. The store carried the biggest range in the state. The peak times were lunch and late afternoon around knock-off time. Weekends saw very little trade. When working out of our New York, LA, or Boston Offices I haunted music and second-hand book stores. Often chatted to the owners. They experience the same peak patterns.

I react to nonsense and I regard this as such.

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