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“My collection exceeds 7,000 vinyl albums. We can skip the brief dalliance with 8-Track tapes.”

We apparently have some things in common. I did have a collection of 4 and 8 track cartridges — bought them at an auction in ’69 — around the time of Woodstock. Most have now been sold — for a HUGE profit — in Japan.

I also have a little over 7000 vinyl albums, nearly all duplicated on CD or DVD. I have as many CDs unrelated to albums I own. All of my vinyl has been transcribed as uncompressed WAV or W64. To my wife’s chagrin, one room in our house is a dedicated music storage room. 
According to iTunes, of my collection (34,000 +) I have around 6000 songs that are played semi regularly, and around twelve hundred that are favourites — played several hundred times per year. 
As a collector I went through a stage of adding every album or single that ever charted, even if not of a style or from a singer I appreciated.

For books related to music collecting I favour two. The Penguin “Downloader’s Music Source Book”, although I do not download music — quality too poor — and my “Rolling Stone Rock Almanac”. I also have others, “The Guinness Who’s Who of Seventies Music” (my era) the Rockwiz reference, and Warner’s Guide to hit albums. Warner’s covers everything that charted from the ’60s to the late ’90s.

I also collect HiFi equipment. Have at least one of most of the top ‘60’s & ’70s systems -valve, hybrid and Solid State.

I couldn't imagine a life without music.

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