Yes you were Fred. Intellect is never something I have to prove to anyone.

Nonsense. Do not pretend to know what I intend. If I say something, then that is what I mean. You might notice that I do not tiptoe around issues, so your “interpretation” of what I say is purely your own imagining. Nothing that I say need “translation”.

I did NOT impugn your intellect, I responded to one thing and one thing only. You raised the issue of God and Faith and I regard them as sick and evil and will not ignore them.

“ That was not the topic of discussion.”

If you discuss religion, then it IS the topic of discussion. If you had said that your were turning to drugs, or joining a cult in order to help solve your problems I would express my opinion in the same manner. Negative. If you do not want a post discussed or responded to, then reconsider posting it.

If you want to only have the support and agreement of people who believe in sky dwelling ogres, post In a Christian/Jewish/Islamic group. Don’t post in groups where there might be people who have suffered great losses due to the sickness that can occur when people believe in violent, hate-filled Mythical Gods. I lost my first wife and child due to religious extremism.

I did not insult you, I feel sorry for you, in the same way that I feel sorry for anyone duped by manipulative “faiths”. I have as much right to decry religious harm as you have to accept it.

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