Who said anything about “unattributed”?
Jeff Dickey

“ Or are you just too lazy to click the links and look?

I’m only lazy after a couple of single malts. “Til then I’m REALISTIC. In other words I take note of real research, not opinion. Get it?

There is a demographic that is being ignored. There are BILLIONS of male car owner/drivers who would be as interested in self driving cars as they would in making sex simpler and more efficient by buying a robot to screw their wives or girlfriends.

They own and drive the cars because they derive pleasure from both possession and driving. Look at the performance and handling accessories that proud car owners purchase. Look at the fierce loyalty to marque. If simpler transport was the primary criterion, most would catch buses or ride motor scooters. There is NO WAY I could be persuaded to give up my sports or classic cars for a self drive toy. I am not alone, and until these slow thinking “researchers” get that into their calculations, their calculations are not worth doggy poo.

Cars are far more than convenient transport, they are a part of dreams and lifestyles. Find research that takes that into account and then see what it has to say about the future of self drive inanity. Too many of these “researchers” confuse car ownership with simple transport needs.

BTW, no computer can “out-think” a human, even if they can out-react a few of the slower ones.