That’s hilarious considering Android almost 90% of the smartphone market share.
Josiah Ross

“ Privacy isn’t one of Android’s strong suits, but overall Android is the strongest all-around smartphone OS on the globe.”

Are you trying for humour? It is the WEAKEST OS. Sales volume does not make it strong, it just illustrates the poor Tech IQ level of those who purchase based on advertising and price. Your argument is like claiming that a basic Ford family sedan is better quality & design than a Mercedes/BMW etc., because more of them are sold.

Android is flawed in more ways than can be accurately counted. Look at the number of owners who have been compromised. BlackBerry used to be the most secure, now it is iPhone. Check the recent publicity where even the FBI and Homeland Security were begging Apple to help them crack it. (To no avail.)

If you want to see how bad Android is, set up a sniffer on your WiFi networks and watch how many outgoing packets you find directed at servers that you have not authorised, or in most cases, are even aware of. We did this a year or so back. It was frightening. Android is a joke. Anyone half competent can hack it.

I still expect the new toy phone to fail miserably — probably after a brief flurry of interest. It offers nothing.

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