Boy oh boy, leave you kids alone…..I know, I know, I’ve already used that one.
Dusty Craig

Rev. Fred Denial, I like, mostly, reading your replies. Kind of wish you might write a bit more of your own stuff, but hey, whatever floats your boat”

You see the reaction when I express an opinion in a response, simply saying that I dreamed I was a shotgun, meant humorously, not viciously. Imagine the reception if I posted one of my articles here.

For instance, after one on Islamic refugee youth I lost count of the number of accusations of Islamophobia. I have no phobias, a phobia is an unreasonable fear. Nothing unreasonable about concern for escalating violence perpetrated by one demographic — Islamic youth. We have a city, Melbourne, a previously safe and low crime city being terrorised by gangs of teenaged Islamics. It has become so bad that yesterday bands of men have begun patrolling the streets day and night, openly proclaimed vigilante groups, to make their suburbs safe again.

This is just a recent one. We are not like the US, but now we have violent home invasions, rapes, carjacking, burglary, stores held up in broad daylight — all from Black African refugee/asylum seeker youth. The biggest and most violent gang call themselves “Apex”. Many of my associates (those who are licenced) now carry a weapon when doing something as simple as going out to a restaurant with their partner. This is not the pre-refugee Australia that we know.

I am anti-religion, all religion, not just Islam, and anti PC. I support accepting Muslim women with small children as refugees, but NOT any males over the age of twelve. Not a stance that many extreme left bleeding hearts appreciate. I would like to see life sentences for high level drug importer/dealers. I feel that all rape with murder conviction also get life. Same with child rape. Too many people want a world where their attitudes contribute to the decline of society.

I can just picture the response to the sort of articles I usually write. (Tho’ it might be fun.)

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