Sharing a Netflix password technically makes you a criminal.
Charles Koch Institute

Sharing a Netflix password technically makes you a criminal.”

Nonsense! No it doesn’t. I can share any password I use with anyone I please. If Netflix or anyone else do not want multiple users using the one account, then they can use any one of several techniques to prevent that.

Hell, when you log on it asks you who is watching, and you have to click on a name. Wake up! When you sign up you select a plan that allows for “x “ number of simultaneous connections. They can all be within the one household, or spread across the country.

My wife and I use one account - legally. We do NOT have to only log on one at a time. Quite often my wife will be in working out in our Gym watching “Sons of Anarchy”, while I’ll be in my studio watching Gilmore Girls or similar. (I’ve already seen SOA.)

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