Your argument restated in the most fundamental of internet tropes: “Most Germans weren’t affected…
Jon Armstrong

Thank you for providing such ludicrous inanity to illustrate your inability to use logic.

All Germans were affected by the Holocaust — still are to this day. Laws, international reputation, legal and economic sanctions and economic reparation being just a few of those things that affected “most” Germans.

Do you have any other inanities? Can you top that nonsense?

I’ll give you an illustration. High carb breakfast cereals are advertised as healthy. They are — for those who are athletic and burn those carbs off. They are VERY unhealthy for sedentary people as they create more fat.

Now, is the problem regarding breakfast cereals with to do with the cereal, or with those with sedentary lifestyles?


Alcohol is touted as the cause of many road deaths. Does alcohol itself cause death, is it dangerous to consume — or is it the idiots who drive when drunk who cause the deaths?

Wake up!

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