skeptically hopeful
Jeffrey Field

That will only happen when computers or at least AI take over the world. Emotion has to be removed from logical decision making. Both futures are scary.

AI would endorse aiding female and child refugees, but bar mature male (above twelve years) refugees. That would be unfair to those among mature male refugees who would not pose risk, but minimise total risk to the host country. AI would also bias medical care toward the young, not a pleasant though, but a non-emotional and logical one. An aging person- say a Baby Boomer like me -would drain resources that might be sufficient to aid several young people.

Humans will never find the “right” mix, when not trying to support just themselves, they try to support all, spread the mix too thin, and end up failing everyone. Political Correctness is the Band-aid attempt at a solution that is the beginning of that massive failure. Look at how many social demographics are already being damaged by PC. We try to reduce incarceration, but do not try to reduce crime. We try to improve health, but do not limit corporate damage to healthy living. We try to reduce discrimination while pretending that such discrimination is pure bias without a cause. We try to ensure equality without accurately defining equality.

It ain't gonna happen. It didn't in our history, and is unlikely in our future. The problem with humans is humans.