Facebook Goes Full “Black Mirror”: How Facebook Is Making Membership a Prerequisite to Everyday…
Jason Ditzian

We’re facing a world in which you’ll be a social outcast if you don’t regularly grant access to your Facebook profile. Facebook is becoming our de facto social-credit system.”

This is nonsense. People like me will never be interested in playing silly buggers with a social media network in order to “fit in”. There are many millions, probably billions with my attitude. Demanding that anyone disclose private data that is not relevant to a position being applied for is already illegal in many demographics. I have a Facebook profile, but NONE of it links to any real data associated with my real life persona. It was set up out of curiosity, but hasn't been accessed for several years, not since I realised what an idiotic piece of fluff and nonsense it was. All of my friends are real people, not names on a list.

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