“What Drives Men to Rape?”

Rev. Fred Denial
Sep 14, 2016 · 1 min read


I’m sick of hearing this “men” rape bullshit. If I claim that female teachers have sex with their male students based on the fact that SOME do, or women murder their babies based on the the headlines created by women who do, women would be as offended as most men with the claim that “MEN” rape. They would be yelling (typing in all caps?) that only SOME women get it on with students. Same deal. In a lifetime of mixing with all manner of men, in many demographics, I have yet to meet one rapist.

Some men are assholes. Some men rape, rob banks, attack other men, deal drugs and watch reality TV. (I assume that some must watch reality TV although I find it hard to believe.)

Stop with the MEN rape and tell it like it is. Some sick assholes are violent and some are misogynistic. They might be male, but they are not men. Very few actually rape women — or men.

“What Drives SOME Males to Rape?”

    Rev. Fred Denial

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