We’re shifting from Driver Culture to Car Culture. Should that change the way we think about Uber?
Alex Danco

Who is this “we” Paleface? Do you have a Leprechaun in your pocket?

I think about Uber about as often as I think about smoked Salmon Wraps or being invaded by aliens disguised as shopping trolleys. (The ones with wobbly wheels.) I might think about Smoked Salmon wraps if I happen to be hungry and they are on the menu the cafe near my office. I might think about Uber if someone writes a post implying that “we” think about Uber.

I did think about Uber once, even tried a few. I found that they were generally unprofessional, unreliable, and often piloted by poor drivers. I stopped thinking about them. I continue to use taxis if I don’t have a personal vehicle at hand. As with Leonard Cohen and Janis Joplin, I don’t think about taxis that often.

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