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Wow! Things just zoom right over your head — don’t they. Unbelievable.

Tell me, do they make a “whooshing” sound as they fly past?

Serious question. Are you Autistic? If so I will no longer mock you. I ask as you seem to miss sarcasm and take deliberate drollery seriously. You regarded the Vicar of Dibley image as a response. Not a mocking response, but a real response. Hard to credit. How could you take a jest, a reference to a comedy about women “of the cloth” as a serious attempt to justify the popularity of female clerics? I was yanking the anorexic guy’s chain, but you seem to have tangled yourself in it as well.

Oh, yes, if it makes you happy, I am so lonely even my shadow has abandoned me. Oh, wait, thats because I’m indoors with low lighting. Well my phone hasn't rung for a couple of hours — that must qualify me as a lonely guy. Oh, wait. That’s because I have it on mute.

Hey. I’ve got it. I know all the lyrics to this. That should qualify me.

Does that satisfy you?

(How can anyone with a career and a family who is an active participant in various sports be lonely? It is a very puerile claim to make. I hope that you are Autistic and not just incredibly naive and extremely dumb.)

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