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Michael Ramsburg

Yet another instance of common things in the US having very different names to the rest of the world. Gas versus petrol. Hood versus bonnet. Trunk versus boot. At least nautical terms don’t vary too much.

I spent eleven years living on a Mauritius Ketch and sailing the South Pacific. I have seen — and eaten — many Paw Paws, (Carica papaya) tho’ I much prefer mangoes. I have a large waterfront property on the Western South Pacific shore now. Looking out my window I can see seven Paw Paw trees. I grow them along with Mangoes. Tea made from their leaves is reputed to have beneficial effects for people with cancer. I also grow Custard Apples, another odd fruit that is an acquired taste.

In Australia, New Guinea, Solomon Islands, New Zealand, Caribbean, Mexico, Panama, Carica Papaya are referred to as Paw Paws or Papaya. I also found them called Paw Paws or Papaya in Hawaii. Although they are very common in Australia, growing wild through much of the North, I first was induced to try one when in Costa Rica. I don’t mind the taste, but am not fond of the smell. (They smell like Baby-Vomit to me.)

The image you posted is also common, (Asimina Triloba) but referred to as Custard Apples in Australia, or in the North Eastern US sometimes as Prairie Bananas. They are sometimes called Paw Paws in the southern part of the States, I do recall that from my Time in Fort Lauderdale, tho’ I had assumed that to be a local misnomer.

Life can get confusing — particularly for Green Grocers.

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