The Urgent Need for a Sustainable Music Industry & the Tech that Makes it Possible
Bas Grasmayer

You are kidding! Talk about misleading and inaccurate. I own a lot of music, several thousand, vinyl, cassette, and CD based, collected over forty years, and I never have made a trip to a store for the sole purpose of purchasing music. Not once. I know of no one in my immediate circles who would do so. People buy as rule when they are already close to the appropriate store. As in during a lunch break when at work. This is disingenuous, improbable, and lacks thought or logic.

“ A lot of festivals are powered by diesel generators, costing around half a billion euros each year, just in Europe”

The above claim is total nonsense. Music festivals do NOT burn a half billion euros PA in diesel fuel. The European Union’s Environmental Agency’s figure go nowhere near close to supporting that exaggeration.

Are you simply incapable of research or do you have an agenda?

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