You Can’t Make A Living As A Writer Because Being a Writer Isn’t a Job
Ester Bloom

“You Can’t Make A Living As A Writer Because Being a Writer Isn’t a Job”

Not so. I have made an excellent living writing (and editing) for more than thirty years. After a brief foray into the Church, then the Military (to wash the stench of the Church away) I have earned in no other way. I have a fantastic family, a good life, two waterfront homes, nice cars, a yacht and a Magic Cat, all provided by writing. Well maybe not the cat - he was a gift. (I still haven’t worked out whether the people who gave him to us when he was mouse sized liked us or hated us.) My wife also earns a living writing and publishing. She is CEO of a medium sized publishing company.

There is more to writing than publishing a best selling novel. Much more. Like most other careers, you DO need proper qualifications. Too many with little background as readers, and little erudition, approach writing in much the same way as they would if purchasing a lottery ticket, crossing their fingers and hoping to become rich. That approach to writing brings much the same result as purchasing a lottery ticket.

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