“ Adele’s 25 is not as good an album as Lemonade…”
Matt Aufman

If you think that Lemonade made you want to go death then that’s a you thing. When the writer claims that Lemonade was better, she is saying it based on critical acclaim. Adele’s 25 was less critically acclaimed than Beyonce’s album by a large margin. If you want to claim record sales means Adele’s was better then why did Beck beat Beyonce 2 years earlier? That was Adele’s point, the author’s point and everyone else’s point. The problem with being close-minded is that it does not require actual malice, just unrecognized ignorance. If you don’t realize that there is a larger story, then you will see no need to listen to perspectives that flesh out that story. This response is not based on this individual instance. It’s based on history and trends and a criteria that seems to shift every year. It goes beyond either of our individual opinions.

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