Good article, well thought out, thanks.
Brian Roettger

This post is contradictory, devoid of facts, and represents the exact type of centrism the article warns against. It is entirely problematic and Bernie Sanders is not an extreme. The problem with people in the center — presumably like you — is that you believe that the “middle” is always the rational position and that your values are American values. Except, when polled, all of the ideas on the left are more popular than the ideas on the right. How can the country have moved toward socialism over the past 8 years when the largest policy change was the ACA which was formerly a Republican idea? The country is more to the left socially, but economically, it is teetering on returning to Reagan era policies (if not worse) that were staved off by having a Democratic President with veto power. No one is afraid of Keith Ellison, that is also nonsense. The country just elected a supposedly “kenyan, muslim, socialist, communist, terrorist” to two terms. Again, you’re asserting your own prejudices as facts. Trump’s strategy wasn’t “smarter.” It was awful and the turnout was the lowest in 16 years. The Democrats lost because people who lean left stayed home, nothing more, nothing less. Most people in the United States are not “independent.” They reliably vote one way or the other. Throughout your entire post you never stated which economic principles you stand for. You only stated what you were against and what you believe happened but never put forth what sorts of policies you think should be enacted. What in the world is a “centrist visionary”? You mean the New Democrat Hillary Clinton that just lost? Is this a cry for a more personable individual with the same policies? As Teryn Norris pointed out, you’re more concerned with “labels” and being supposedly independent despite the fact that “independents” typically vote reliably Democrat or Republican and that there a few true “independents.” You never defined what that “change” is. The best advice for Dems is to start of by ignoring whatever point you’re trying to make. Your advice is how they’ve lost 1,000 seats over the past decade.

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