Good afternoon friends and family of the decentralized distributed ledger community. I was scrolling thru the twitter today when I saw a tweet storm from a well known game developer, Mike Bithell, on twitter. I love seeing criticism of this space, because it brings out discussions that many people in the space are scared to have. There is too much “pie in the sky” blockchain talk and to be fair, I agree with much of what Mike is saying but his conclusion and thinking may not be definitive. (Btw, I feel like I can kind of gauge a person’s blockchain leanings by their use of the term “Silk Road.” It’s just off-putting that 5 years after the collapse of SR that it’s still THE talking point amongst #nocoiners.)

Mike Bithell’s blockchain gaming conclusion.

Sadly, I’m not going to speak much on his points as I had planned when I first summoned the Medium site. I think it’s worth checking out his tweet storm though. Also, check out Coin Artist’s new blockchain backed game that just got a $13,000,000 round of investments or our Art On The Blockchain interview with Christian Moss for entirely different viewpoints. One thing I will say is he was speaking from a business point of view and I think he is missing the idle gaming and niche blockchain gaming markets. These are where the real blockchain game thinking is happening in my opinion. I, for one, as a designer and artist would love to enter the gaming world and with blockchain gaming it is certainly possible as it could allow a decentralized ecosystem to also happen on top of centralized gaming platforms. This is how Rare Pepe Trading, Bitcorns, Kaleidoscope and more work. Christian Moss has already realized this value and is working very hard to make it work with Lightning, atomic swaps and of course Counterparty… all on Bitcoin.

Now, a deeper dive into this crypto collectible space... Put on the scuba gear and turn off FOX and CNN, I will need your full attention here.

bruh… treasure chest diving for broken trader’s Bitcoin, Counterparty and Ethereum is the 2019 move.

I’ve been involved in the Bitcoin music world since 2014 or so and I have been knee deep in cryptoart and tokenizing art in various forms for well over 2 years. I was lucky to see tweets from some infamous twitter trolls, about some “Garbage Pail Kids”- like memes called “Rare Pepe Trading Cards” and I quickly went down the rabbit hole of cryptoart (or “crypto art,” I prefer one word). With that jump, I also ran into cryptogaming. The first iteration I saw was Rare Pepe Party. This game is still being developed (Two Weeks™) but, for me and probably others, it set into motion the idea of cryptogames. (Note: set into motion for us memesters... Coin Artist, Rob Myers, Christian Moss and more deserve their props for being some of the earliest thinkers on this subject.) I started to think of how the Rare Pepe Trading Cards I made could be more than just a pretty ugly card in your Book Of Orbs or Rare Pepe Wallet but could be…. a key to access things. (insert mind blown .gif.)

Is it “cryptoart” or “crypto art”?

Lets get into ……...

DJPEPE — son to daddy XCP and motherBitcoin

DJPEPE literally just released an exclusive song called “I Wear Gucci (My Name’s Craig Wright.)” I know, I know. You are thinking, “How the fuck does a transaction hash release a song?” Or maybe you’re exclaiming, “Bruh.. How can I hear this song? It sounds amazing?” By logging into you can access a private Soundcloud page that enables you to listen to the song. The caveat? You need to own 1 of the 169 DJPEPE tokens that exist. So, if you log into the website and you do not own the card, it will look like this…

This person does not own a DJPEPE and cannot access the new Craig Wright themed song “I Wear Gucci.”

But if you own a DJPEPE?

DJPEPE owners have moar fun.

The card will give you exclusive access to the newest song for a week or so before the masses get to indulge. There are more songs on the playlist that are unavailable anywhere else!

DJPEPE makes no promises about what owning the card means. At the very base, DJPEPE is owned because it is the most alpha way to show off your Bitcoin swag. Owning one is known to cause women to abandon their boyfriends and he is basically the Axe body spray of the Bitcoin blockchain. But, DJPEPE, under all of his alphaness and matter-of-factness, is a kind meme and he has allowed his followers to access this exclusive playlist for nearly the entire time he has been “alive.” DJPEPE also acted as a way to summon exclusive monsters in the game Sarutobi Island, which has since been removed from iOS and Android platforms while Mandel Duck works to improve the game. This meme, is no ordinary .png file, it is a hash that proves ownership, allows access, shows real time trades, issuance amounts and it actually escaped the memepool in early January 2018 and spoke on a panel in front of hundreds!

Some background…

DJPEPE was born on October 16, 2016 and is the son to the mother of all blockchains, born on Bitcoin block 434,102. The father of DJPEPE is the Counterparty second layer protocol which was created in 2014. So, DJPEPE was born to the King of token issuance because Counterparty ($XCP) is considered the first cryptoart layer (Note: XCP was not intended for this purpose, but neither was Ethereum) and probably (errr DEFINITELY) the most trusted since Counterparty tokens are stored in the Bitcoin blockchain. The mother of DJPEPE is literally the reason we are here. BITCOIN. The two historic chains came together in the holiest of evenings to create the immeme-culate conception DJPEPE. This blockchain sorcery is literally just a small amount of data on the Bitcoin chain(s) parsed by Counterparty nodes..

You may have noticed in that last sentence that I included a parenthesis around the “s” in “Bitcoin chain” and I think I’ve tripped and stumbled down the hole that Alice fell into.

Has cryptoart, and more specifically, DJPEPE, unlocked the key to what some scientists and dystopians have imagined for years? We are just one sliver of a parallel universe...

Stand by... Let me clean this cake off of my face that the peanut gallery just tossed at me.

I’m willing to stake 100 DOGECOIN that DJPEPE the meme, the man, the one man band may actually have just proven that parallel universes are in fact real! Before DJPEPE is sent the Nobel Peace Prize he has one request…


Now, let’s get to the science part of this article. DJPEPE has resided on the Bitcoin blockchain for 25 months and 3 days as of this writing. How many Bitcoin forks have occurred since October 16, 2016? Sixty Seven. How many more will occur? Countless. The beauty of the Bitcoin blockchain is it’s open source and decentralized nature. Now, what do these forks mean for DJPEPE and science?

Well, DJPEPE recently spoke on this subject matter in an exclusive interview with Sasha Hodder on her HODLcast show. The basis of this new discovery, again- only due to the cutting edge technology of cryptoart, is that DJPEPE could exist on at least 67 different Bitcoin blockchains. He cannot even begin to imagine what would happen to him on the Bitcoin Cash chain right now. How dark would things be for DJPEPE on the Bitcoin Private chain? Does Rhett Creighton even know who DJPEPE is and what he has on all the forks he has made? Does Chandler Guo know that on his Bitcoin God chain DJPEPE’s just seeking the warm touch of a Counterparty node, along with his pals MCPEPE, BBOYPEPE and PEPEONE (the 4 Elements of Hip-Hop Pepe?) If someone were to spin up a Counterparty node on any of these Bitcoin forks then DJPEPE exists on that chain. To be rather frank- children please wear the ear muffs- Counterparty is the sperm and Bitcoin is the womb.

Rhett Creighton is commonly known as FORKMAN in the crypto space

So, basically DJPEPE is a petri dish of cryptoart bitcoin magic that if watered properly could actually be the real live Westworld! Roger Ver, Chandler Guo and Craig S. Wright only have to spin up a Counterparty node on their forked chains to witness this phenomenon. When HBOchain?

DJPEPE is the Kendrick Lamar of Bitcoin

P.S. As always I’d like to shout out Joe Looney for doing the backbone development stuff for getting DJPEPE’s playlist to be so damn exclusive.

P.S.S. As with anything I say… THIS IS NOT INVESTMENT ADVICE. DO NOT BUY DJPEPE THINKING YOU WILL TURN A PROFIT! DJPEPE promises nothing. Also, I am not DJPEPE! I am just his frugal, washed manager.

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