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This is the most triggering image I have ever seen! Is this Rare Pepe teasing me? Call the meme police ASAP

Hi, my name is Pat Combs and I’m guest blogging on Scrilla’s page today. I blackmailed him with some Rare Pepe art work he drew that I said I would release to the public if he doesn’t give me his Medium log-in…


Note: Hopefully Medium doesn’t ban this article because I’m adding Pepe images in it but if they read the story they will know why.

I’m in a bunch of chats on telegram and there isn’t a day that goes by that one of these chats isn’t infiltrated by that racist, no good frog. You may have come across this frog meme on reddit, on twitter, or maybe your ex-girlfriend snap- chatted herself sitting next to a steak dinner, giving the “okay” sign wearing nothing but a racist frog shirt. Look, we are all victims here! It’s not easy to get through the day seeing that smug ass frog staring back at you.

Look at how he stares back and pulls on that marijuana cigarette all smugly

It was a little over 2 years ago now that Hillary Clinton posted about this disturbing meme that was taking over all of our lives. Hillary Clinton is a saint for unveiling this meme conspiracy to us simple American consumers. I immediately went on an anti-pepe spree by blocking telegram users, leaving channels, deleting reddit, cursing 4chan, breaking up with my rare pepe loving latina girlfriend (who also flashed the “okay” sign- everyone knows that means white power, right?) and punching anyone who was pro-frog in the God- darned face (excuse muh language, but I get really worked up over this cartoon frog.)

Hillary The Rare Frog Hunter. Tokenize it boies.

Ok, I’m two paragraphs in and I haven’t even told you why you cryptoartists and cryptoart purveyors are all Nazis. Well, a little birdy (twitter) told me that about a year ago the cryptoart scene had a party in New York and that it was filled with Rare Pepe supporters, Rare Pepe keynote speakers, Rare Pepe auction and they even had a real live Rare Pepe meme speak at the event (DJPEPE!) This is crazy! In New York City! How the heck could this happen? When did the entire city of New York become a racist Nazi loving playground? Representatives from Christie’s Auction House and Sotheby’s were there, folks from Cryptokitties, dada.nyc, decentraland and hundreds and hundreds more from the cryptoart scene all participated. Prior to this event the scene was fragmented and not well known to the masses. The Pepes dominated that event as documented by The Paris Review’s Daniel Penny. Tens and maybe hundreds of millions of dollars have been poured into cryptoart this year alone and all of that money is officially considered blood money. The auctions that generated 10s of thousands of dollars there were run by folks from the Rare Pepe community. Rare Pepe lovers were the ones bidding on these supposedly ground-breaking memes. The big auction houses there were salivating at what they were witnessing. A HOMERPEPE went for close to $40K! The past year has seen crytpoart events increase 1000x what it was in 2017. Literally, every day in New York seems to host an art and blockchain themed event. Cryptoart is blood money! It’s time to talk about it.

This is the most racist thing I have seen today.

You may say, “now listen… Just because someone uses the stupid frog meme doesn’t make them a Nazi or Klansman. You have to look at the context. Use your brain, lil buddy.”

Well, hell no. That’s like saying that I could use the Nazi logo in my living room floor design and it’s all good.

“No, no it’s not like that at all,” my friend Ty exclaims, “even the liberal ADL — the highest authority on all things social justice made it clear after Shillery’s website hit piece on Pepes, dude.”

They claim, “…it is important to examine use of the meme only in context. The mere fact of posting a Pepe meme does not mean that someone is racist or white supremacist.”- ADL

Well, Ty makes some good points I guess but that doesn’t stop the fact that a few of my associates have made it clear that Rare Pepes are all racist and only Nazis use them. This makes me not want to see or use the meme because I don’t want to be associated with a satanic frog, Nazi cult. I mean, Richard Spencer, the alt- right ring leader who was on the other end of the “Punch A Nazi” meme wore a pepe- the- frog- pin on his suit jacket. If Pepe wasn’t a Nazi, why is that demon wearing the evil green frog?

Rare Pepe = Richard Spencer

Also, I do not wear red ties because they symbolize the blood that all republicans have spilled on our great land. I will never ride in a low rider truck because only gangsters do that and I don’t want to be associated with their type. Just like people that listen to Wu Tang Clan (never listened) want to overthrow the government. Imagine me staying out past dark. Lol, I haven’t done that since the 1990s, I see what CNN and Fox News says about the dark outside world. I can keep going. There’s so much that I won’t do because another tribe does it. There is no such thing as nuance. I believe in Freedom of Speech and think anyone who shares content I don’t agree with or gives me micro-aggressions is just asking for me to jump off of my couch and Nazi punch them in the throat. It’s just simply easier to allow the media to dictate what has been co-opted by Nazis and warn me about all of these Nazis invading America. I believe 7 out of 10 babies born today are being born as racist nazis.

If you wear a red tie you are an evil Republican.

Now, some pro- Pepe people will point out all of this silliness about a meme being automatically racist. They will point to Katy Perry and Nicki Minaj’s embrace of Pepe. They will point you to a 2015 piece by the dailydot that shows a completely different sentiment of Rare Pepe from the trusted news media’s narrative a year later. They will claim that so many other nations use the Pepe meme for good. They will point to Kekistan and 4chan and the obvious trolling and triggering that a quality meme can bestow on their thoughts. They’ll point out that Rare Pepe was co-opted by Russian trolls set out to destroy the American fabric during the 2016 election. They’ll show you racist Mickey Mouse characters, racist Super Mario, racist Sonic The Hedgehogs and any other meme or cartoon that can be drawn by an 11 year old.

Katy Perry is an obvious racist.

Anyway, I’m glad that there are quality people like Alan Schaaf, the CEO of imgur, to keep Pepe images offline. He is an old school meme afficianado, having started his internet business in 2009, and he has very important things to say. In a recent recode interview with Kara Swisher, she asks about Pepe The Frog and its presence on the site. He exclaims, “Exactly, that’s a really good example of an actual racist meme.” After reading that interview with Kara I came to really understand his position on many things. I like the fact that he pronounces GIFS as JIFFs, because “I’m a founder and the founder of the GIF format calls it “jiff.” I believe that he gets founder preference,” the great Mr. Schaaf explains. Makes sense. My friend Tasha points out tho, “why wouldn’t he offer the same preference to the Pepe The Frog creator Matt Furie, who claims Pepe is not racist at all. He is derived from a diverse pack of friends who smoke weed and hang out.” I think my friend Tasha is missing the point here though. You can’t offer the same courtesy to a decentralized cartoon frog that is uncontrollable. Too dangerous. Centralization allows for the powers that be to control us and help us think better.

Adam Schaaf asking the important questions.

Note: Why I respect Adam Schaaf’s call to ban all these pepes off of the site I think he may need some help as I have found hundreds of rare pepes on his site as of this writing.

Now, let us examine how we can erase this part of cryptoart history. First, we never acknowledge the Counterparty or XCP protocol. This is where the Pepes originated and I believe it’s simpler to just ban Counterparty and it’s community from all cryptoart events. The majority of them are loud- mouthed asshats anyhow. Honestly, we should probably just ban all of the Bitcoiners because XCP uses Bitcoin’s blockchain to parse the XCP data and Bitcoin is filled with racist memes now. I like the more centralized blockchains and enterprise solutions anyhow. Anyone using Bitcoin can easily be regarded as trouble.

Jess Houlgrave’s fourth iteration of what cryptoart SHOULD look like!

I recently saw an intense blockchain art flyer that contained many logos. The flyer (pictured above) contains some great infographics and really shows the growth of this cryptoart space. It lists “marketplaces,” “issuing tokens,” “provenance” companies and more. The lady who made it is very active in the space and I really enjoyed hearing her interviewed by Art On The Blockchain last year (although that program is a little too edgy for me and I fast forward anytime I hear them start to discuss Rare Pepe.) She’s a bright mind for sure, involved heavily in shEOS and Codex as the co- founder of both and was into cryptoart even longer than most of the people claiming they are blockchain art gurus.

She’s actually even more awesome now. She purposefully left off the Rare Pepes! How do I know? This is the fourth iteration of the flyer. She’s gotta know who Rare Pepes are right? Her twitter mentions seem to suggest so. I mean, she was on a panel with that disgusting and highly sexist DJPEPE cardboard cut- out back at RAREAF last January. I remember that video where they were all on stage and she was laughing along with DJPEPE and rumor has it she even asked the meme to be a part of an auction many months later. I mean she has real moxy to go and cut out the logo of the brand that actually inspired much of this cryptoart movement! Is this is the type of leadership we need? Of course! Tough decisions take tough individuals. We need leaders that aren’t afraid to lay it on the line and whitewash or greenwash the books to show that Rare Pepes were never involved in this space.

DJPEPE on a panel talking at RAREAF last January 13, 2018 with Jess, Jessica and Jesse

I also like this part of the tweet she shows that she actually felt compelled to leave some of the dead chains or non-issuing platforms on the flyer and she still purposefully left out the Rare Pepes. LOL. +1 Jess.

real eyes realize real lies

I do have to say though, for all of my praise on the logo flyer thingy that was put out, I am quite disappointed that Bitcorns was included on there. They are known to use Pepes and other edgy instances in their artworks and they are considered code RED: Severe threat to my eyes. If you don’t mind some input here, I’d recommend removing them from the logo flyer. Otherwise, looks well done.

Bitcorns is obviously racist. Please reconsider.

If you acknowledge Rare Pepe as the forefather of community run-tokenized cryptoart and gaming (or Spells Of Genesis which was also left off of this list) or if a Rare Pepe getting sold at an auction ever got you excited then I have questions! Is this whole movement spawned by racism? Cryptoart has Nazi and KKK blood all over it. Let’s have some discussion on how we can rebuild this castle without those annoying, edgy meme bricks.

Thankfully nobody remembers this tweet. Look at the comments in it too. VC Fred Wilson is part of the Nazi movement too! Joe Looney (creator of rarepepewallet.com) is like the Adolph Hitler of cryptoart.

P.S. I know making a list is always going to make someone mad because they were not included or their logo isn’t as big or they aren’t positioned properly in their eyes. This writing piece is definitely not about that. If you read through the lines and follow the clicks then you will hopefully see the point I’m driving home. If not then click the dislike button and send me a DOGE meme of how bad this piece is.

Great book. Would recommend again.