Dear all,

We made a unanimous decision to withhold from further exchange listing processes.
The reason behind this decision is that, to enlist SCR with a major exchange we must wait until our product is ready, as enlisting with minor exchanges might result in a further drop in the SCR price, which we don’t want to risk for our mutual benefit. Hence, we will continue focusing on the development of our product as this has always been the main goal behind Scrinium project.

We understand that there are cryptocurrency traders among our investors, and we would like to address all of those whom the following passage might concern. Having all precautionary measures in mind we understand the inconvenience, but we cannot jeopardise the welfare of our product. Hereby we would like to thank you for your understanding.

Subscriptions contract managers subscription to traders and compiles them into a portfolio. You can see it’s code here

You can take a look at the demo version of the contract performance here

Portfolio creation happens in several stages:

  1. Investor chooses Assets and Profit/Risk ratio and sends these parameters to the AI&

1.1 AI finds traders according to the set criteria and offers them to Investor.

2. Investor reviews offered traders and subscribes to them sending a transaction
subscriptionsContract.subscribe(uint[] _traderIds)

Link here

3. After that an Investor can find his portfolio in blockchain
subscriptionsContract.getTraders(address _investor)

Link here

Also, Investor can always delete traders that doesn’t perform well enough from his portfolio
subscriptionsContract.unsubscribeunsubscribe(uint[] _traderIdsForUnsubscribe)

Link here

Thus, all the operations performed during portfolio compilation are stored in blockchain and do not involve third parties.

Withdrawal of funds can only be performed by you in the following way:

balancesContract.withdrawal(uint amount)
Where amount — is SCR-tokens amount that you want to withdraw.

You can withdraw any amount of coins that you have on your account at any given moment.

This type of contract ensures transparency of fund transfers and doesn’t involve third parties.

How do I refer a friend and get 5% from their investments? It’s easy!

All you need to do is to:
1. Login to your Scrinium account and click “Invite a Friend” or click this link:
2. Get your referral link.
3. Give it to your friend and have them register their account.
4. Your referral tokens will be credited after the end of ICO.

ICO ends this Sunday the 11th of March.

The future of portfolio investment

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