UPDATE: ScriptDrop Token Sale-Adherence Token (AHC) and Blockchain

**Token Sale URL and confirmation video is at the bottom of this post.**

Thanks to everyone that has been interested in what ScriptDrop is doing for healthcare. Below we will cover a few topics: from creating a crypto wallet to our token sale structure. If you have questions about this post, please reach out: tokensale@scriptdrop.io

Creating a Crypto Wallet:

One of the better tutorials we’ve found is this video. ←Watch video . It walks you through creating a wallet on https://www.myetherwallet.com, which is compatible with AHC(ScriptDrop’s Adherence Token).

Changes to Token Sale and Why:

We will open our KYC (Know Your Customer) process today (November 1st) for everyone. Accredited investors will go to the top of the queue and we will process their requests until December 1st. One week prior to December 1st, we will announce the next phase for the entire market. If you aren’t accredited and go through KYC in the next 2 weeks (November 1st-14th), you will get a 5% bonus on your purchase.

The accredited investors will be sent a SAFT (Simple Agreement Future Tokens) and will receive a 20% bonus on their token purchase.

Earlier in the process we stated that discounts or bonuses wouldn’t apply to accredited investors. The legal interpretations and landscape have changed since we first announced our token sale. This has required us to react and modify the structure. We have one of the best law firms in the country as our counsel and have leaned on them to ensure we conduct a SEC compliant token sale, based on current interpretations of security law.

What about Non-Accredited?

If you go through the KYC process between November 1st and November 14th, you will receive a 5% bonus on your purchase once the larger sale goes live.

BUT…What if you sell out?

We will reserve space for non-accredited purchasers for the larger sale, as we want this opportunity to be available for everyone.

How does your KYC process work?

  1. You fill out everything on: https://scriptdroptokensale.com
  2. After your submission you will receive a submission key. Save your submission key. It’s a way for us to verify we are communicating with the correct person
  3. We will send your info to our legal team to run through verification
  4. Accredited Investors: After approval, we will contact you via email with a package including the process for verifying accreditation, our SAFT, and instructions to make your purchase of AHC tokens
  5. Non-Accredited Investors: After approval, we will contact you via email with an update and have your submission key white listed and a 5% bonus earmarked
  6. **Please note** We WILL NOT ask for any funds without an accompanying video of Nick. He will include any pertinent info in the video when it is sent. And please DO NOT send any funds without verifying the info on the video. This is to help ensure your funds are sent securely, to the right place
  7. Re-read #6 above

Token Sale URL and Confirmation Video:

Watch the video to confirm the actual URL in the video matches the URL below and to see what Nick looks like.

First video of Nick: https://youtu.be/HlPlH9TDN4c

Token sale URL: https://scriptdroptokensale.com

AGAIN, we WILL NOT ask you for funds unless it accompanies another video that Nick appears in.

Thanks for your interest in our token sale, which is another step in driving blockchain adoption in healthcare and improving the patient experience.

-The ScriptDrop Team

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