Vitamin ‘C’- A supplement that is officially recognized as a day to spread awareness regarding its intake. But why is it so important? Why is it associated to a day? Well, this has a short history.

It is believed that in the 18th-century, a disease called ‘Scurvy’ killed many British sailors due to which voyages got limited to an extent. Scurvy, a disease that results from a lack of Vitamin ‘C’ in the human body. In the late 19th century, a British physician- Sir Thomas Barlow described scurvy in detail. Since then, people began understanding the vitality of Vitamin ‘C’ quite well.
We all have been hearing the term ‘Vitamin C’ since our school days and have been learning everything related to it. Apart from what we know about it in general, let’s just take this day as an opportunity to figure out what exactly we are missing out on in our diet.

It is pretty essential to get enough Vitamin ‘C’ to prevent hangovers that have become common for teenagers and adults. Oranges are said to be the first substitute when Vitamin ‘C’ is concerned. However, there are other seven foods as well, that can add this supplement in our body. Brussels sprouts, pineapple, strawberries, bell peppers, mango, kiwi, and broccoli have all the benefits of it. Other than these, one is squeezing a lemon into a glass of water, and having this lime juice on a daily routine. Half a lemon is almost equal to 100% Vitamin ‘C’ requirement for the human body. Not just into water, lemon juice can be put into many other meals too, it tastes better after all.

Not just Vitamin ‘C’, every supplement is necessary for a person to live healthily. Happy Vitamin ‘C’ Day to all the health-conscious people out there!

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