Factors Responsible To The Unemployment Of Nurses

Have you just graduated from a nursing school and received your nursing license? Are you excited to get a job? But regretfully, you could not acquire a job until now.

Are you among those newly graduate nurses that can’t find a deserving job? Are you losing your interest and passion in your career of nursing?

A lot of students every year get their degree from the nursing school and eventually become nurses in various health care centers. On the other side, there are many of them who successfully graduate but fail to get a job in hospital and clinics. They are left with queries in their minds, why, despite the lack of nurses, they can’t find a satisfactory nursing job?

Here are the Factors that may be considered responsible for the unemployment of nurses.

Your CV is not attention grabbing.

Where are you making a mistake while finding a job? It is your CV or Resume that doesn’t leave a good impression on the interviewer. You need to have a look at you CV or Resume again and try to find out where are you making a mistake. Compare the CVS you have submitted with the calls you received in return. The resume must be attractive because it has to convince the interviewer to hire you.

The interview isn’t effective.

Being a fresh graduate nurse, it is fine to have butterflies in your stomach when you are asked questions during an interview. But it should not influence your answers to those questions. Let your confidence be seen in your interview.

Your selection of the location to apply might be inappropriate.

There is no doubt that the city hospital provides higher salary compare to other health care centers located in rural areas. But the fact is that there are a lot of jobless graduate nurse sending their CVs and Resume to the city hospitals. And there are very fewer chances of getting hired. So, we suggest you to try gaining some experience in rural areas before applying at a city hospital.

Your expectations are a far cry from reality.

You might be expecting to get hired as soon as you apply because of the acute shortage of nurses but the fact is that every year thousands of students are graduated from various nursing schools, and they start applying soon after completing their degree, these thousands of job applications may push you miles away from your expectations.

After an interview at one hospital, you keep waiting for the call.

Your job interview is over, and they said that they would call you, but it doesn’t mean that they will call you for sure. The interviewer says these words to every interviewee, but only a few of them are called back. So, you should not waste your time waiting for that call. Instead, you need to focus on applying at other organizations as well.

The Healthcare institutions are looking for the nurses with specialization.

The newly graduate nurses need to accept this harsh reality. These days, nurses are required to work in special units which give rise to the need for nurses with specialization, like a gerontological nurse, NICU nurses, diabetes nurse, and medical-surgical nurse.

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