SCRYPT Digital partners with Enclave Markets to offer off-chain block trading to institutions

2 min readOct 10, 2022

Zurich October 2022

Scrypt Digital and Enclave markets

SCRYPT Digital, the Swiss-regulated company offering a
single point of access to digital assets for institutions, has announced its
partnership with crypto marketplace, Enclave Markets.

The integration with Enclave Markets’ Enclave Cross enables SCRYPT
to offer off-chain block trading to its institutional client base. Once
the traders move their assets off-chain, Enclave’s technology matches
traders with interested counterparties without revealing wallet addresses.
Enclave Cross is designed to mirror dark pool trading, except it’s the first
crossing network for crypto built in an entirely trustless environment that
ensures privacy, security, and fair-trading practices.

Through partnerships with leading providers and its proprietary
technology, SCRYPT Digital offers a complete best-in-class suite of
services to institutions, including execution, custody, staking, market
making and investment services. SCRYPT Digital streams 24/7/365 with a
99.99% uptime, achieving optimal trading conditions and superior
execution using its Smart Order Routing (SOR) algorithm.

Enclave Markets is a crypto marketplace for Asset managers, hedge funds,
and systematic trading firms that combines centralized and decentralized

Norman Wooding, Founder and CEO at SCRYPT Digital said: “A
service like this has been sorely lacking in the crypto space. There hasn’t
been a solution that provides the security or privacy that institutions
require with these kinds of trades. Also, there’s never a guarantee that the
exchange operator is a good actor. Enclave Cross changes all of that.
We are very pleased to now be able to offer this service to our clients.
SCRYPT Digital was built from the ground up to offer only the best
services, and we can now offer off-chain block trading with complete
confidence. “

David Wells, CEO of Enclave Markets said: “Enclave Markets is proud
to be partnering with SCRYPT Digital and for its clients to experience our
new platform Enclave Cross. This partnership between SCRYPT Digital and Enclave Markets aims to serve the continuous demand in the digital asset