Dear Diary,

21/09/16 8:50 am

Medium really needs offline saving. Really. Because I just wrote this 10 minutes ago and now I have to start again.

So first off. Sigh, there’s really no way it’s going to be the same

Yesterday was Netflix and garri. Even that sounds weak now without the original preamble. It was so funny before. So funny.

I sat through 5 episodes of Stranger Things (God I hate Nancy). Which by the way is pretty great. Although it feels a lot like an extended version of that Super 8 movie. At least I think it’s Super 8 I’m thinking of. I’m terrible with names of things.

Anyways, yesterday was me, Stranger Things and the poorman’s version of popcorn. I feel like it would be dishonest of me not to mention that I drink my garri with honey instead of sugar, most of the time (the rest of the time, I drink it plain). Yesterday, I added a dash of lime to it. Don’t judge me, the whole in my stomach is back — a story for another time.

I know someone who drinks garri in ways that will make you whimper like a scared dog, but that is also a story for another time.

I’ve been wondering about why I write these entries the morning after and not the night of and realized it was an opportunity to make a list. So let me faux psychoanalyze myself a little

  1. I write them the day after because I’ve subconsciously convinced myself that I can explain better after reflection
  2. Mornings are the only time I have to write them

The more likely option though would be that it’s due to my sleeping off at random times once evening strikes

Does evening strike?

I’m missing CDS today, which sort of sucks.

The dog is trying to manipulate its way into living in the sitting room by whining outside the door. It also scratched my mother.

It yipped at me.

I’m stressed out.

I hate cars. Owning them not driving them.

This sorta sucked

See you tomorrow. Or write you or whatever