Dear Diary,

23/09/16 12:55 pm

I finished stranger things yesterday. I hate that it ended. I hate how series always end each season with these huge cliffhangers and then make you wait months to be sated. I think it’s appalling really. Yes I’m mad.

This morning, I let the dog play with my hand, with its teeth. I have this weird feeling that if I keep this dog any longer I’m going to become a nice and trusting person. I feel threatened to be honest.

I never really understood what it meant whenever people talked about being saved by pets they thought they were saving and so on, but now I’m starting to get it — and I’m not sure if I like it. I’m scared of changing and becoming different because to be honest, I rather like myself, even though I know I shouldn’t.

I realize I tend to make allusions to my character without actually revealing any concrete details dear diary, but bear with me. I’m really just starting to know you, and I’m not one to rush into things. Seriously.

I tried to teach Bruno to eat carrots yesterday (at this point I’m really just going to go with Bruno because no one in the family has agreed to my name change) and we can all see how that went. I tried giving it the whole stick, cutting it into small pieces. Smaller pieces. It just nibbled on them and left.

It was hilarious watching it try to lick the carrot to death though.

I’m just going to wait a few months before I try again. Perhaps it’s 2 month old teeth can’t quite handle it yet.

Today, I shall attempt productivity, and thought

Wish me luck

Yours faithfully

The dog whisperer who needs to shout several times to be heard by his dog

P.s: I’m seriously considering getting another dog. A more exotic looking breed. Something with lots of hair. White. Female. Not over 2 months old. So if you knows anybody that might be handing out free copies or has one to spare, let me know.


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