I want to make you feel something

I want to make you feel something, but I’m not sure how to begin
I want to make ripples across your skin
I want to make your earth quake, vibrate fault lines you’ve hidden deep within
I seem to want a lot of things

When I began this I did not know what it was exactly I wanted to write about. You could argue that I still don’t and I’m really just winging it. Although this phrase was firmly rooted in my mind.

Touch me

Tonight, and perhaps only for tonight, this word has ensnared me in its many implications.

Touch me

If you stare into the abyss, the abyss stares back at you — Nietzsche

Every time you touch, you feel. Touching is a two part thing. Cause and effect rolled into one action.

Touch me

Like you’re trying to communicate something beyond words. Like you have feelings that can never be translated into speech. Like an infant squeezing a finger placed in its palm.

Touch me

Almost. So close. Please.

Touch me

Slowly. Gently. Softly. Like you’re unlearning everything

Like you’re learning all of my my forms and vagaries.

Touch me

Take everything.

And I will give to you equally.

Touch me

I can only hope that when you do,

You will feel something.

I am tracing fingertips across your skin
Like searching through a dictionary looking for meaning
Wondering what it is I am feeling
My hands linger against your pelvis
And my gaze rests upon your lips

If your body could speak, it would be screaming,

Touch me
Do not tease
Touch me
Touch me
Tell me what do you feel?