Reflective Memo

Reflective Memo:

I remember when I was in my freshman year of high school and the class that I dreaded the most was English. I had no issues with the reading assignments I simply did not look forward to any and all writing assignments. Anytime the teacher would even mention the word essay and I would simply get disheartened, because I hate writing essays. I feel like in any given essay assignment I would always botch the assignment because I would not be able to articulate myself through my writing. I had the same sense of dread when the essay assignment for this class was assigned. I think I walked into this assignment with a negative thought so I was already setting myself up for failure. I say this because I had changed my essay topic at least three times before settling onto the topic of genetically modified foods begin harmful to produce and consume. As a reflection, I truly liked the way each writing assignment was structured and incorporated to flow with the class lecture. I feel like I did a great job in evaluating each step to my essay and every assignment was an extension to help grow the essay and make it more neat, clear and concise. The structure of the assignments in this class has taught me to ask insightful questions to narrow down to focus on a topic, then to evaluate my writing, conduct and articulate research so the it flows well with the rest of my paper and use my peers’ reviews as constructive criticism to better my overall paper. I appreciate that each step of the essay is broken down, assigned separately, spread out over time and reviewed by peers because it gives me a sense of being productive. This way I can spend enough time thinking about my writing, doing the writing and editing it.

When rating my level of self-discipline in terms of keeping up with the workload while participating in an online class, is a score of six. I gave myself a six because I added points for being able to keep up with the work-load and turning assignments in before they are due. The work submitted follows the rubric of the assigned material and I feel like compared to the rest of the essays that I have worked on throughout my matriculation career, I have spent the most amount of time on the assignments for this class. I deducted points for myself because it relates the evaluations and feedback that I received from the peer revisions. Some of the feedback received mentions that I needed to get more concrete sources that relate to the agricultural companies effecting the bias component of genetically modified foods. I received that comment from more than one peer reviewer, which made me realize that I needed to expand my scope of thinking while approaching my view point that GMOs are bad. Another thing that I need to focus on is the grammar and written structure of the paper. I plan to stay engaged with this course by doing the needed research to make my viewpoint of the topic stronger. Since my paper focuses GMOs being bad and the risks outweigh the benefits, I must rely largely on the research that is out there. Also, the peer reviews help me to stay engaged because I get a lot of information on the things that I am doing well and constructive criticism on things that I need to do better or focus on.

Originally my views on feedback and revision was that it is peer revisions and feedback are better than the professor solely giving them. My argument is still strong that the professor must read numerous papers with the same topic and so the feedback would not be as detailed or helpful. Over the past eight weeks of doing this online course it was good to received constant feedback from my peers about revisions that need to be made for the written material that I submitted. I t was helpful to have multiple classmates reviewing my work and because this way all aspects of the revisions needed can be covered. Some feedback centered around providing more detail, elaborating on a source used or even finding more sources to help support my views. My views about peer revision have evolved in that I can use the feedback I received from my peers by incorporating it into all my revisions which can help me structure a stronger sounding essay. As well, feedback from the professor is always welcomed because I can narrow my topic and follow the grading guidelines set by the professor.

The feedback and revisions are useful for this course because they are well structured and focus on bettering the paper. The questions asked on the feedback part of the assignments are detailed are positive. It is structured in a way that expresses what is done right and then incorporates questions that ask what can be done better, or can be focused on. Feedback and revision portions of the assignments are a positive addition to the class and it has helped me with reconstructing and revising many of the things that I needed to change, with the help of my fellow classmates. My strongest revised essay so far is the Essay #2- Refine your inquiry with stasis theory. The strengths of this essay are the thesis statement, the topic sentence because it flows with the structure of the essay and the sources used because they are well incorporated with in the body paragraphs to get the point across. As I mentioned earlier, I had changed my essay topic a few times before settling on the topic of Genetically Modified Foods begin harmful to produce and consume. I chose this topic because now a day everyone is looking for healthier alterative to processed foods, dyes and trans fats. A majority of the public chooses to buy and consume organically grown foods. My approach to writing this paper was to start out with a back story of why I choose the topic, because of my friend’s health complications. Next,

detailing the ideas that I am aware of on the topic and choosing a stance, I am anti-GMOs. The feedback received from my fellow peers was helpful to make my paper more concise and sound well written. Lastly, doing the research with statics, quotes from educated researchers in the field of agriculture and GMO testing and sources that are go against my point of view so that I can use it as an argument to get my point across. Manufacturing companies may think that genetically modified foods can be used to make bigger foods that grown in a shorter span of time to help feed malnourished countries. My counter point for that would be, GMOs may grow faster or last longer but they are not produced organically and the research behind it suggests that there may even be health complications involved with consuming it. This will be a difficult task to convince the audience that even though there are some benefits to GMOs the risks outweigh it because it concerns the health of an individual.

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