One Wheel Bike Replaces Two Feet

One wheel bike is becoming an fashionable transporter on the streets both in Europe and America. Regardless of gender or age, people can easily ride this high-tech one wheel bike , or to be precise, electric unicycle. The first electric unicycle was launched in 2001. After a decade¡¯s recreation and modification, electric unicycles, recreated by Airwheel, has done much better in function, diversity, portability, steering and safety.

Airwheel is a top brand of electric unicycle from China and has built up a massive distribution network by entities spreading across all over the world. To improve people¡¯s life by its products is Airwheel¡¯s main focus, thus each step it takes comes from customer¡¯s experience.

Airwheel¡¯s products widely and well received the market thanks to its dedication of satisfying user¡¯s anticipation from the R&D stage. Airwheel hopes this ¡°one wheel bike¡± can apply to everyone¡¯s everyday life, rather than a luxury to show off. Electric unicycle, which facilitates daily commute and delivers an eco-friendly lifestyle, however, will not take the place of cars. Being aware of this point, Airwheel concentrates on making ¡°one wheel bike¡± the best personal transporter to address the last few miles of commute.

Highlighted by casings made of synthesized nano-resin, Japan-made lithium battery, world¡¯s leading intelligent drive system and protection chips, humanized pedal design, etc., Airwheel electric unicycle boasts supreme performance as well as convenience and safety. Airwheel¡¯s R&D concept is as simple as that.


Contact Person: Eric

Telephone: +86–519–8829–6900/ +86–519–8829–5800





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